Writing Happy Deepavali Wishes in 2023

OCTOBER 3, 2023 by make hay, sunshine!

Ah yes, the most difficult part of gift giving, what do you write on the card?!

For Deepavali, a good rule of thumb to remember is that leaning in on the traditional aspects of the festivities will keep you in good stead.

Here are some great ways to write Deepavali wishes for your friends and loved one's this year.

Deepavali Wish Example #1 - Simple & Classy

Dear *insert name here*,

May this joyous festival bring joy into your home & light into your life.
Sending you all the blessings of Deepavali this year.

With love,

*your beautiful name*

Deepavali Wish Example #2 - Lighthearted & Fun

My dear brother/sister/friend/fr-enemy,

I know Deepavali is a joyous occasion, but please share the Mithai (sweets) with others too. :P

All jokes aside, here's to a great celebration with family, friends, and loved one's. We hope it lights up as bright as you are!

With love,

You know who.



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