Best Fruit Gift Basket Delivery In KL & Selangor 2024

Want to send a fruit basket but can't seem to find the right one? Not sure what to look for in a fruit gift box, or afraid of picking the wrong fruit? Thinking of having a gift delivered but not even sure if fresh fruit is the way to go?

Fruit baskets are great evergreen gifts that suit almost every occasion, though that doesn't mean you can just fire and forget!

Here's how you can find the perfect fruit gift.

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Do fruits make good gifts?

Do you remember when the fruit basket was invented? Chances are, you don't.

That's because the idea of gifting fresh fruit as a way to commemorate an occasion has been a tradition as old as fruit themselves (ok, maybe that's a little exaggerated. bear with us).

When done right, fruit gifts can be absolutely stunning in presentation, yet supremely thoughtful from your recipient's perspective. A wonderfully packaged fruit basket or box is an offering that's healthy, ideally with quality fruit that can be enjoyed thoroughly, and won't just be another forgotten trinket a week down the line. Even better, they're great for sharing!

Gifting is best when it tugs at the emotional heartstrings, and we can't think of any better way to connect with others emotionally than through our very best sense - taste!

What makes a fruit basket good?

Fruit baskets are not a new concept. That means although they've been traditionally suitable gifts for a wide variety of occasions, the general selection on the market can be outdated, old-fashioned, drab & bland.

We think that's a bummer. It doesn't have to be this way!

In 2024, a good fruit basket or fruit box should exhibit the following:
  1. Premium fresh fruit of excellent quality. Imported varieties can be particularly good, especially when they're not often consumed in the local market. Gifting fruit that are less common helps with showing how you've put extra thought into your gift and not just gone for a generic option.

  2. Presentation, presentation, presentation. Fresh floral arrangements are the perfect accompaniment to your fruit selection!

    In the days of yesteryear, it may have been enough to simply send along a box of random goodies. However, us humans are becoming ever more discerning in our taste for the finer things in life.

    Make sure your gift is one of awe and wonder, that's what sets you apart.

  3. It's different. Old-fashioned gifts are the worst! Imagine receiving a gift and it reminding you of something your parents received in their 20's? Ew.

    Strive to be fresh (pun most definitely intended) with your fruit gifting.

How to choose the perfect fruit gift?

With so many options to choose from, finding just the right fruit basket or fruit box can be quite daunting. Fret not, there's a simple way to figure out just what you should get!
  1. Presentation style. You'll want to make the key decision between fruit boxes and fruit baskets first of all as they are quite different.

    Fruit gift baskets
    are more like the traditional ones you might expect, with an arrangement that might be mostly or fully visible to the gift recipient and anyone else.

    Fruit gift boxes
    on the other hand are a more modern twist on the concept, utilizing either paper, cardboard, or even wooden boxes. These tend to be more discreet in nature due to their covered aesthetic and does suit many gifters and recipients who prefer that extra ounce of privacy. It also makes for brilliant unboxing moments, perfect for their IG or TikTok shenanigans!

  2. Occasion. Every gift has a purpose, even if it's just because! Here are some common ones that are perfect for fruit gifts:


    Get Well Soon



  3. Budget. The final piece of the puzzle is identifying the fruit gift within the earlier two categories that fits into your ideal budget range!

How to ensure the fruits are fresh?

You'll need to make sure your chosen fruit basket supplier places a strong emphasis on quality and freshness of fruit supply!

Different fruit varieties can have wildly different handling requirements & shelf lives. On top of that, there are a myriad of different issues that could crop up even during delivery.

How to control quality of fruit when it's a naturally grown perishable item?
What happens if your recipient isn't at the address given during delivery?
What do I do if my recipient receives damaged fruit?

what are actual gift senders saying?

Khai Xian C. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - "Fruits are fresh and the packaging is so niceeee! Friendly and easy buying experience! Love it so much! Definitely will purchase again!" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - "We gotta emphasise on how pretty and colourful these gift boxes look from make hay, sunshine!"

Yvonne Y. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - "My third order with Make hay, sunshine. Never disappointed me with my order delivered to the recipients. Everyone who received the box felt amazed with the nice decorations and arrangements. Colour combination is matched so well and eye-catching. Fruits are always fresh and taste good. Keep it up for the great efforts!
Customer service always ensure delivery by making a call to customer before sending out. Love this service so much!💖"

Most popular fruit Gift baskets & fruit Gift boxes

The Immunity Box

Most popular Get Well Soon fruit box

The Immunity Box features an imported fruit selection that's been curated specifically for their high anti-oxidant and nutritional properties.

Very commonly gifted for Get Well Soon wishes, but also for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Congratulatory events, and more! It's never a wrong time to show you care about a loved one's health.

"Purchase few times from this seller and definitely would buy again. Fresh fruit and nice packaging. Seller are responsive if you have any enquiry. High recommend!"
- Yap. Y

The Fruit Basket - Style A

Most popular fruit basket

The Fruit Basket - Style A is a stunning fruit & floral gift set in our premium keepsake fruit crate custom-made from solid pinewood.

This fruit basket has been crafted with a stunning fresh floral bouquet arrangement featuring a mix of brilliant blooms fit for any occasion. Since it's an open top design, it's perfect for that first impression!

"The gift was delivered on time as what I have requested. It came as a huge surprise for my friend, and she was absolutely touched with the whole thing, including the decor and arrangement. The message on the gift card was neatly typed out as well! Thank you for making the gifting a memorable one."
- Melissa P.

Decadence with Godiva

Most popular fruit box with chocolate

Decadence pairs the curated fruit selection with another evergreen gifting choice, chocolate! This set features premium GODIVA chocolate truffles for that added touch of class.

Features a mix bloom fresh floral arrangement that caters well to most gifting occasions.

"Mission accomplished! The recipient loved it so much! Even the guests that came and visited were amazed with the expensive and elegant looking wooden box. Thank you for making this a memorable one.
P/s: the dark chocolate strawberry had stolen many hearts. Thanks again!"
- Zarina. A

Sunshine Fruit Box - Style E

Most popular fruit box with wide fruit selection

Sunshine Fruit Box Style E is presented in a kraft gift box which makes it perfect as the everyday gift!

Subtle and less extravagant than other presentation styles externally which some prefer, yet still keeping the stunning fruit and floral gift arrangement that we're known for.

"The fruits are fresh and we like the decorations with flowers so much.
The service is good, they made a call in the morning to confirm the delivery address and we received lala move call once it arrived. The items received in good condition. Will definitely re-order from them. :)"
- Chloe H.

Pretty in Pink

Most popular fruit box for her

Pretty in Pink combines the effortless elegance of imported fruit with a pairing of chocolate, scented candle, and natural body scrub that will leave her pampered all the way through.

The flamingo pink wooden box is the final cherry on top.

"Amazing & beautiful! That was the comment I received from my friend. Thank you for making the day beautiful with a healthy choice. Take care & stay safe🌸"
- Siti Khatijah P.


Most popular fruit box under RM250

Fiesta features stunning Orchids that will blow your recipient away.

The fruit selection has been curated for a balance of nutritional value & aesthetic appeal.

"Ordering with Make Hay, Sunshine was so pleasant and easy, it makes me want to gift more to my friends. We should make more people's day sunnier when we can, and what better way than to do it with beauty and health in mind <3"
- Christopher T.

Fruit & Bark Style B

Most popular wooden fruit box

Fruit & Bark Style B is delivered in a keepsake wooden box finished in cherry wood stain!

Featuring a good mix of imported fruit and a dual bloom floral selection, great for both male or female recipients.

"It was a Raya gift to a friend. I make enquiries via Whatsapp and the Make Hay Sunshine team is very responsive and helpful. The delivery was timely. Will certainly come back for more orders."
- Ashley N.

Sunset Swirl

Most popular fruit box with wine

Sunset Swirl envelopes and transports your recipient to a magical sunset complete with a sip of wine and a nibble of exquisitely paired fresh imported fruit.

Comes with a choice of red or white wine.

"The website is so user friendly and upfront resolve all my enquiries and doubt. The actual gift is looking so pretty, more beautiful than the picture. Highly recommended."
- Mel N.

make hay, sunshine! - flower Fruit basket same day delivery near you in KL

We offer same day delivery of imported fruits baskets as a surprise gift service throughout KL, PJ & Selangor in Malaysia. 

These fruit gift basket hampers make perfect gifts for many occasions including Birthdays, Get Well Soon gifts, Thank You gifts, Anniversaries, Retirements, Graduations, Grand Openings, and more for loved one's, VIP clients, staff & employees, family & dear friends.

You may also pair your fruit box gift with same day flower bouquet deliveries! These are an excellent alternative to your traditional fruit bouquet that ensures your gift delivery of premium quality fruit arrives in the best condition possible.

We make use of only premium quality imported fruit to ensure your gift is of the very highest standard. It is a great healthy gift that's nutrient rich and immunity boosting, paired with lovely floral arrangements that will surprise even the best florists.

Thoughtful Gifting Made Easy. Order your gift online by 1pm for same day delivery. Select from fruit basket bouquets, fruit boxes, gift boxes, flower bouquets, & other gift hampers in our fruit gift shop!


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