No one likes receiving fruit that's less than fresh.

We understand this, we're just like you! Even worse if you're sending it as a gift, right?

This is how we tackle this problem.

Understand the fruit, our lifeblood.

Bought some fruit at the grocer recently, and realize it wasn't quite as good as the last time?

Understand that most fruit are seasonal! Just because you can find it on sale doesn't mean it's at its best.

It may be towards the end of harvest so quality isn't optimal, or perhaps the supply being imported is older stock. Either way, it's bad news.

So how do we solve that?

We maintain a strong working relationship with our fruit importers, cutting out these fruit before it even reaches our chillers. That's right, this means our fruit are often even better than what you get at the grocery store.

Our fruit importers understand our quality requirements and they rather not keep replacing fruit that we can't use, anyway. Everybody wins 😉

We won't use less than stellar fruit even if you beg, that's our reputation at stake. If we don't have Korean pears, we don't have Korean pears. Bottom line!

We inspect individual berries.

No seriously, we do. And we're damn proud of it too! Our team is trained to go above and beyond in their QC of the fresh elements going into our fruit boxes.

Our core values and principles are reflected in every fruit gift arrangement and that's how we aim to deliver our signature sunshine, every time.

Wait.. Does that mean our fruit are always perfect?

If any brand or business tells you this, THEY ARE LYING.

At the end of the day, we're dealing with fresh fruit off a real living plant that's different every time, all the time.

As much as we try to stay perfect, there's no such thing as perfection. Sometimes fruit look great on the outside, yet they're bad on the inside (spoiler: NO ONE can tell before you cut it). Or maybe we missed something in the QC process? We are human after all.

Whatever the case may be, our core principle of delivering sunshine every time still remains.

If your recipient receives less than fresh fruit, simply whatsapp or e-mail us a picture taken within a couple of hours after delivery and we'll make it right if we're at fault. Your satisfaction is worth more to us than the cost of that fruit would ever be.

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