Deepavali Gift Hampers For Your Heartfelt Wishes

OCTOBER 9, 2022 by make hay, sunshine!

The Festival of Lights!

Deepavali is a yearly traditional holiday usually celebrated around October & November.

The term Deepavali is derived from the sacred language of Sanskrit, meaning a "row of lights".

Symbolizing the spiritual victory of light over darkness and good over evil, worshippers celebrate by cleaning their homes and places of work followed by decorating with traditional diyas (oil lamps) & rangolis or kolam (floor art).

Celebrants in Indian households will commonly light fireworks and exchange gifts of Mithai (sweets) with family and friends while feasting on delicious spreads.

Wearing brand new clothes during this auspicious time is common, as well as ancestral prayers to honour the departed.

Importantly, Deepavali is a time of light & positivity, thus discussions surrounding bad luck, accidents, or other negative thoughts are considered taboo.

Now that we know what Deepavali is, what's the perfect gift hamper to send around this time of year?

What gift to send for Deepavali?

At make hay, sunshine!, we like to bring something a little different to our festive gifts. While everyone else is sending boring, boring cookies (your friend has received enough, trust us!), why not send something that will truly stand out?

We've curated gifts that each have unique symbolism for this traditional festivity.

Festival of Lights

The Festival of Lights gift set plays strongly on its namesake, with battery-operated fairy lights ready to WOW your recipient upon unboxing!

It features our signature fresh fruit and floral arrangement with a colour motif strongly in keeping with the traditional hues of this festival.

Not forgetting Mithai (sweets), we've curated premium Godiva chocolate truffles to round off this gift hamper. These are perfectly balanced by fresh imported fruit that pair perfectly well with chocolate, while being a great nutritious option too!

Finished in a keepsake wooden gift box (we make those in-house!), this will be the perfect Deepavali surprise this year.


Remember how we talked about that traditional Indian floor art, Rangoli (also known as Kolam)?

You'll find these everywhere during Deepavali from house porches, to office lobbies, to shopping mall concourses!

The Rangoli gift set mimics the beautifully vibrant yet soft colours of this traditional artform with a floral arrangement that will amaze your friends and loved ones!

Presented in our keepsake wooden gift box with an imported fruit offering that follows through on the vibrant colour motif, Rangoli promises to deliver blessings and wishes of good fortune this Deepavali.

The Diya

The Diya gift set features a traditional oil lamp (diya) that is so synonymous with Deepavali, we'd be surprised if you've never seen one!

The Diya is presented in our largest keepsake wooden gift box (that's the XL size!) and plays host to a wide variety of fresh imported fruit. Have you ever heard of Colombian Granadilla before? 

We've elevated this set with regal purple Orchids for an elegant finish. The Diya is a gift with true presence.

Our XL fruit boxes are our best-sellers too!

How to write Deepavali wishes?

Ah yes, the most difficult part of gift giving, what do you write on the card?!

Here are some great ways to write Deepavali wishes for your friends and loved one's this year.


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