Writing Merry Christmas Wishes in 2022

DECEMBER 9, 2022 by make hay, sunshine!

It's holiday season, and whether by overwhelming enthusiasm or begrudging obligation, you're going to need a healthy supply of Merry Christmas wishes.

Whether it be with a holiday gift delivery or simply a thoughtful text message, you'll want to craft heartfelt wishes that are genuine and not just right off the internet (or hey, at least it needs to seem so!).

For Xmas, a good rule of thumb to remember is that leaning in on the traditional aspects of the festivities will keep you in good stead, while bearing in mind the sensitivities of the person you're wishing.

Here are some great ways to wish a very Merry Christmas to your friends and loved one's this year.

Christmas Wish Example #1 - Traditional

Dear *insert name here*,

As the kids rip open their bountiful presents, we can share our grown-up Christmas magic of moving into the New Year with a renewed sense of hope, faith, optimism, and verve.

May the Lord grant you and your family love, joy, and goodwill aplenty.

A very Merry Christmas,

*Your name & family*

Christmas Wish Example #2 - For The Real Jokers

Hey *insert name here*,

I'm afraid Christmas is cancelled.

Was having a chat with Santa and he died laughing when I told him you've been good this year :(

Feliz Navidad,

Your best friend.

Christmas Wish Example #3 - Simple & Classy

Dear *insert name here*,

Wishing you a lovely Christmas this year. Here's to a wholesome holiday celebration with family and loved one's.

With love,

*your beautiful name*

Christmas Wish Example #4 - Lighthearted & Fun

My dear brother/sister/friend/fr-enemy,

May your holiday be jolly and full of holly, but here's an idea. let's skip the folly this time. You've been on Santa's naughty list long enough!

All jokes aside, here's to a great celebration with family, friends, and loved one's. Merry Christmas!

With love,

You know who.



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